Arca-Net - Guidelines

Conditions for gathering data on suitable establishments for the European Network Arca-Net

Basic conditions:

=> Establishments must have (OBLIGATORY conditions):
Collection or permanent exhibition of rare livestock breeds or varieties of cultivated plant open to the public (also viewing by arrangement only).
Pedigree breeding with participation in a breeding programme. Animals must be kept in such a way that the welfare of the animal is respected.

=> and also should (DESIRABLE conditions):
Establishment recognised by the national organisation (e.g. GEH's Arche-Höfe, RBST's Approved Farm Parks) or a city-farm, open air museum, eco-museum, nature park centre (with membership of relevant professional association).
The differing characteristics of the breeds and varieties should be documented (using information boards, labels or numbered to use in reference with a brochure).
It is possible to also include interesting processing points which use traditional means to manufacture and market products from traditional breeds and varieties.

It must be a collection of, at least, regional importance
Or an important cross-section of one species (e.g. Limonaio, Olivaio)

Breeding groups from at least three species from two size categories (see below)
Or an important breeding station/stud of only one breed if this establishment has a significant part of the breed.
Or an important cross-section of one species, e.g. Donkey farm with national breeds.

Processing point:
Processing point open to the public (e.g. wool workshop, mill) which uses traditional and complete production methods and also declares the products accordingly

Arca-Net Guidelines 16kB

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