Arca-Net Categories:

Agritourism (farm holidays)
Ark Institution (vgl. standardisation of terms, below)
City Farm / School Farm
Openair museum / Ecomuseum
Protected area / Reserve
Variety garden / Arboretum
Zoo / Farm Park (domestic animal park)
Processing point

Standardisation of terms for Ark institutions:

When an establishment is not officially recognised or there is no available definition from the national organisations the following, minimum, specifications will be used:

Ark Farm:
A breeding group including sires from three of the following size categories (A: Cattle, Buffalo, Horse, Donkey, Pig; B: Goat, Sheep, Pig, Dog; C: Poultry, Dog, Rabbit, Bee). Animals should be kept according to the principles of a functioning farm. => Ark Farms housing guests or cultivating rare plants are listed also under Agritourism respectively Variety garden.

Ark Village:
At least four farms keeping animals, altogether keeping at least two breeds from each category (effective total of six breeds). Otherwise as Ark Farms.

Ark Park:
A plenty of breeds from at least three species, which are kept and bred for the purposes of publicity. => Listed also in the category Zoo / Farm Park.

Ark Reserve:
Show of old breeds in nature or landscape protection. Demonstration of farming in tradi-tional agro-eco-systems (TAES). => Listed also in the category Protected area / Reserve.

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